Caring for a girl like Daisy

So, this is my first blog and I’ve chosen a crappy day to write it.

I should be in work, Daisy should be in school and at 3.15pm I should be having respite; somehow, things never seem to go to plan for me though!  Seizures ruin everything!

I’m sitting here on the sofa in the kitchen, looking at Daisy all snuggled up and out for the count but all I’m thinking instead of being filled with sadness is that I will be up all bloody night as she will recover at about 2am, thats how it works with epilepsy, it sucks!

First seizure was 2.15am, next, 6.25am, next, 10.15am (might I add, just as the DNA results were being announced by Jeremy Kyle).  There have been no more today so I am hopeful that its over, however, Daisy has been post-ictal all day so I am pretty confident that come 2am she will be as bright as a button and I will want to kill!!

I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself.



3 thoughts on “Caring for a girl like Daisy

  1. I’ve just read your blogs and I only imagined what you went through day by day from the stories you told me but I couldn’t imagine the lack of sleep and everyday challenges you go through , but your always smiling in work , I don’t know how you do it !!! Your an inspiration Annie x


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