Bed at last

I’m so glad it’s time for bed.  I feel like I have jet lag and the furthest I’ve been today is the  garage up the road!

Daisy decided to go on a crash diet today so has eaten nothing of any substance.  Breakfast was her only ‘proper’ meal, after that it was all down hill.  Often after nasty seizures she loses her appetite so I’m not too worried but it has proven difficult to administer her medication…….I had to straddle her and trap her head between my knees to get her medication in, cruel to be kind and all that!!!

She has also been very hyper with manic episodes of laughter which is not nice to see but again is a usual trait after seizures; she will often switch from being subdued to manic to aggressive and then back to normal, whatever ‘normal’ is?  So to say I’m glad it’s bedtime is an underestimation, roll on tomorrow, let’s just hope it doesn’t start too early in the morning!










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