Good Morning……I hope

So, my prediction was almost spot on.  Daisy woke at 1.40am.  she was pointing to the tv in her room and bashing her nose but I was having none of it, this is her way of communicating, she has learnt that the harder she bashes her nose, the quicker she will get what she wants, clever I guess!  But today, I’m not in the mood, so my grumpy bear growl greets her.  She follows me into my bed and taking up a central position lay across most of the bed. I hate her getting into my bed because it inevitably means I will have to change all the bedding in the morning due to nappy leakage but I need sleep so in she gets.  I perched into a corner with my head on the edge of the bedside table hoping that she would soon settle back off to sleep; I daren’t move, I must not wake her. I need sleep.

My legs are crushed, arm is dead and neck is cricked but I’m feeling pretty happy because at least she went back to the land of nod for a couple of hours and its now 5.30am, whoo hoo!!!

Daisy isn’t particularly happy this morning……no sounds yet.  Usually I get a ‘moo’ or ‘quack’ if she see’s something on the tv, never a cow or duck I hasten to say, but so far this morning nothing.

I prepare her breakfast and always feel like I’m serving up food for the animals in the zoo……chopped up cereal bar, dry cereal, raisins, toast, and her ‘special’ teacake laced with anti-epilepsy medication, yum, all cut into bite sized pieces so that she can finger feed herself.  I’ve laid it out in front of Her Majesty but she looks in disgust and points to the cupboard…..I know what she wants, Quavers!  Another learnt behaviour. Daisy knows I will give in, as soon as she receives the Quavers she starts to eat her breakfast.

Its not easy with a child like Daisy, she doesn’t watch films, can’t play, can’t crayon or read, can’t do much apart from eat and s**t, so my options are limited to a drive in the car or a walk, but its always raining!

The day has been a day of changing ‘huge’ nappies, coaxing Daisy to take medication, endless episodes of crappy CBeebies and boredom.  I can’t wait for what tomorrow brings.








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