I hate Sundays

Great sleep I had last night, Daisy woke at 11pm, 1.30am, 2.15am, 3am, 4.20am at which point I gave in, she won!  I want to kill!

I did try all sorts of tactics, cuddles – she is not a fan, shouting – she doesn’t care, ignoring her – she just pulls and prods me.  TV went on at 4am but by 4.20am she wanted food so started her annoying prodding, it’s at that point I realised she had pooped, great!

All cleaned up, we are now downstairs and I have fed my angel and laced her food with the first part of her medication. It’s still only 5.15am and I have that sinking feeling of how am I going to get through the next 14 hours? But for now, beds need changing and Daisy needs a bath so thats one hour sorted, only 13 left.


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