I also hate Mondays

Well that wasn’t a successful night either!  Daisy was so restless, taking her nightie off and waving her nappy like a flag.  I lost count how many times I tried to settle her.  At 2am I joined her in her bed (always a mistake) and she fell quickly back to sleep, I was her pillow, so she was comfy and I just lay there with her twitching and breathing in my face, willing the birds to sing to tell me it was morning.  Be careful what you wish for!

Her sleeping didn’t last long and by 4.20am she had won again.  Worryingly she was laughing out loud, not a good sign.

To make matters worse this morning Daisy has a heavy cold. She cannot blow her nose so tusks keep appearing and you have to be quick to catch them.  I am preparing myself to go to battle in a minute and give her medication, I can tell by her mood that she is going to resist but I need to give her Calpol as well so I need to just bite the bullet.

Teletubbies have just come on TV so there is a smile on her face, now is the time to strike with her meds……….bingo!

Daisy is quite confused still and keeps wandering around the house but on the whole she is ok, dressing for school goes smoothly although I have put four nappies on her by 8am as she keeps ripping the sides; the more I shout the more she does it…..arghhh!

Transport arrives for school……….and breathe.












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