4 is the new 6

This is getting ridiculous, how am I supposed to function on such little sleep?  I can’t even get angry with Daisy at the moment because 1. I don’t have the energy and 2. she is in cloud cuckoo land, a completely different world to me (some would disagree)!

I won’t bore you with how many times she woke last night but suffice to say we were sat downstairs at 4.30, Daisy grinning and still manic, me, in Zombie state!  I thought adding a little bit of anti-psychotic to her evening meds would help (they are prescribed, I don’t just buy from a dodgy site) but no difference noted……..her brain is a law unto itself.

Morning routine runs smoothly.  Off to school and work we go.

I’ve had a difficult day in work due to the overwhelming need to sleep so I prepare Daisy’s tea and wait for her transport to bring her home…….I have 15 minutes to go, my eyes are closing……. the doorbell rings and I dart off the sofa – I never fall asleep but believe me I needed that 15 minute snooze…….bring it on Roo (pet name for Daisy)

Daisy seems less confused and does eat her tea even though each mouthful I feed her is followed by her putting her big toe in her mouth and chewing it!  This is a game she loves, I have to wriggle her toe out of her tooth’s clamp between spoonfuls, not nice when it’s covered in cottage pie.

I was a little sad reading Roo’s school annual Governors report that was sent home in her bag this evening.  Apparently 90% of pupils met their reading targets this year.  This is a special school for children with severe learning difficulties, reading this report hits home – Daisy is clearly in the other 10%!  Exceptionally Special in a Special School, typical.

I’m hopeful she will sleep better tonight.  I’m considering getting so plastered that I won’t  pay any attention to her if she wakes but I guess I’d better not, I will still need to care for her come the morning and its not nice with a hangover, believe me, not nice at all.






3 thoughts on “4 is the new 6

  1. Annie, you are the most patient, caring, loving………. you know what, there just aren’t enough words to describe how much of an amazing mum and woman you are. You are always fighting for Daisy, and she knows this in her own little way. They say you only get given what you can handle, i guess that makes you wonder woman 😊 You deserve so much, a trophy, a medal, platinum, gold, diamonds, pearls (is nick reading this?) 💍💎😂 Honestly, the mother of the year award is yours. For someone who hardly sleeps and then goes to work, you always look amazing 😊
    Not a day goes by where I don’t think about Roosty, more so recently 😔 The 6 and a half years i spent with Roo both in school and being her carer were always the best 😊 There was never a dull moment 😊 I’m always looking for wind up fimbles toys and other things I know she will love. I also walk past the prosecco and think “next time I see Annie I’ll have to take her a bottle.” But if I ever get too down and need cheering up, I can read your blog or pop on Google maps and laugh at me and Roo 😉 😂
    Daisy is always welcome here if you ever need a break, as are you, Nick and Harvey.
    Hopefully I’ll see you all soon, in the meantime I’ll stay in touch and read your blog too xxxx


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