Always flush after a wee

So I probably did drink too much last night and maybe slept through a couple of awakenings but Daisy seemed un-phased by my shit parenting skills and managed to wake me at 1.40 am and 4.30am.  Strangely 4.30am now seems a reasonable time to be woken by a snot covered dummy hitting me on the forehead and a wet nappy smell entering my nostrils.

I did attempt to redirect her back to bed but she was having none of it……so downstairs we go and on goes the heating. It’s just as well hubby is in Africa, he hates me advancing the heating, always telling me to just put a jumper on! As if!

Daisy seems much more ‘with it’ this morning so I’m feeling hopeful it will be an easy morning.  Breakfast goes without a hitch, dressing her goes relatively smoothly – when I say relatively smoothly I do mean it took only 3 attempts to put her vest and shirt on as opposed to more!  She also only ripped one nappy so happy days.

Taking advantage of her mood I decided to shower whilst she was looking out of her bedroom window quacking at anything that went by.  Forgetting momentarily that I had a ‘Daisy’ I was whisked into a world of soap suds and peace, then she appeared………..I thought she had a marker pen (from where? who knows) in her mouth so I was whisked back to reality and shot out of the shower.  Shouting at her to drop the pen as if I was shouting at a robber to ‘drop the knife’ she took it out of her mouth and threw it…….plop, straight into the toilet.  If it had been a marker pen – not bothered, but of course it was my Dior mascara, only two weeks old – I did rescue it but it wasn’t sealed quite enough so was mixed with wee, never to be used again. Moto, always flush after a wee.

Daisy had a good day at school, no incidents to report, phew!

Apart from my devastating mascara loss today has been a good one, let’s hope tonight  follows the same pattern and the sleep fairy visits us both.

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