A lovely bouquet

Yesterday I had a phone call……….Interflora.  I was actually at home cutting the grass, Daisy wouldn’t come outside so was watching from the window.  Anyway, I answered the phone and a woman said,

“Hi, is that Mrs Rainey, I have a bouquet of flowers for you”.

“Ooh, Lovely” I said,

“Do you live in a white house on a corner?” she questioned

“Yes, why?” I quizzed

“Well, I am outside the door, I have been ringing the bell and speaking to a young  girl through the glass but she won’t answer, she is looking at me but ignoring me ” came a bewildered reply,

“I’ll be there now ” in I ran and there was Daisy with her nose squeezed  up to the door, dummy in mouth, oblivious, not a clue!

I answered and was handed the bouquet by a puzzled looking woman, should I apologise?  Should I be embarrassed?  Nah,

“Thank you”.  I shut the door.

I’ll enjoy the flowers and let the delivery woman think whatever she wants, it will give her something to talk about back at the office.  It made me smile but also made me so sad, oh Daisy, what am I going to do with you?



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