Three kids and a pigeon

11pm, 1am, 2.15am up at 4.45am, bugger it, back to no sleep!  Still, she’s in a delightful mood today so I shouldn’t grumble – should I?

I can’t blame Daisy for her early rise this morning as I totally lay the blame on the effing wood-pigeon that is nestled in the tree opposite our house – it was still bloody dark when it started its hideous chirping and to add insult to injury Daisy was mimicking the sound, I swear if I’d had a gun I don’t know who’d have been first to get the bullet, I’m guessing the bird but Daisy would have been a close second.

There were more contenders for a bullet this morning, three snotty kids on scooters that pass my house every morning at 8.15am.  They always stop to see if Daisy is standing in the window and giggle if she is, bless her, she is unaware they are laughing at her.  She just watches them and wiggles to the sound of their scooters going up and down the pavement but I know they only stop to laugh…….they sometimes get my ‘laugh again and I will break your legs’ stare but I try to rise above it but one day all three may have to pay the price for daring to mock my little pet!  Maybe I could invite them in and Daisy could play with them, now that would be fun they wouldn’t last five minutes, or maybe they will get the same treatment the wood-pigeon will get tomorrow if it dares to wake madam, who knows what the future of three kids and a pigeon will be?


2 thoughts on “Three kids and a pigeon

  1. What an honest account of a slice of your day. I would love Daisy to have a play date with those kids too!!! One of those kids may well go on to have a child of their own like Daisy and I’m sure they’d feel ashamed of themselves.


  2. Nothing wrong with inviting them in to meet Daisy. She is a wonderful girl. They have to understand that some people are different. Alternatively get in touch with their school and arrange a pastoral visit with Daisy in tow.


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