Stop thief!

11.45pm, 12.35am, 1.50am, 2.55am, 4.35am………….even the bloody birds weren’t awake, I should have gone and shook the trees to wake the bastards up.

Hospital appointment today, 9am……Daisy always has to have the first appointment, there are less targets for her to push over at that time and less glaring parents praying their little darlings don’t end up the size of her.  Easy isn’t it? to say you’re going to feed your child the healthiest of diets and provide them with all the opportunities for a healthy lifestyle, I have tried with Daisy and failed, one reason follows:

Many years ago we were members of a certain well-known fancy shmamsy Leisure Club.  I never really went for the ‘gym’ side, I would just go for coffee, expensive bloody coffee that membership became.  Nick and Harvey would have a great time and I resented them spending every horrid minute in that place.  It reminded me of how different our family was becoming.  Perfect beautiful families enjoying leisure time, me trying to ‘fit in’, trying to lead the same lives as everyone else except there was one flaw, Daisy!

Ordering food once whilst Nick and Harvey were swimming, I took my eye off Daisy for a brief moment, but unbeknown to me she had escaped from being trapped in a corner and decided to go in search of food herself……….I’ll never ever forget what happened next, Daisy trotted past me, a red-faced man was in hot pursuit.  I thought he was a perv, I stopped ordering food.  There was a real sense of a commotion going on. “DAISY ”  I yelped like a fishwife – no response.  I caught up with her before pervy man did and that’s when I saw it……… a big piece of steak in her paw which she’d removed from his plate whilst in search of food.  What do you do in this situation?  What do you say?  My response was simple, I wrestled the steak (she did not want to give it back) from my little starving childs hand and gave it back to him with a smile, I couldn’t speak, I just smiled, wanting a big hole to swallow me.  We left.    Nick and Harvey found me once they’d realised I was not in the restaurant, I was in the car.  They knew not to talk to me, I was furious, I was angry they’d had fun, angry Daisy had ruined her dress and absolutely starving!  So the Leisure Club was not for me and Daisy, we never set foot in it again.

I digress……..back to the appointment.  Daisy was ok at the hospital, just ok.  Harvey came with me to help manage her and he was great  (although he should have been studying).  She took a while to get weighed as everything is on her terms so we had quite a wait.  There were the usual stares from the waiting room,  one particular man is lucky I didn’t tell him to “stop f***ing staring” as his eyes were transfixed, so bloody rude; I should be used to it as it happens everywhere and  it never gets any easier.   I always feel that Daisy becomes the entertainment when we enter a room and she didn’t disappoint today; with her various noises and clapping and fake coughing she put on a show.  When her name was called for the “audience with a consultant’ she decided to keep him waiting, she was providing a show; she threw her shoe in the direction of the staring twat man but unfortunately it missed him, damn her aim!  With the bribe of music on my phone and a fresh dummy Harvey and I managed to herd her into the room with a new audience.   Her fabulous Consultant whom we’ve known for over twelve years knew he had to be quick with his questioning.  Students passed sympathtic smiles to each other.  Without much hesitation he decided her anti epilepsy medications needed increasing, there will be a new medication to sort the problems she seems to be having with her circulation (but I want to research it first so that’s on hold for the moment) and he also wants to play with her sleeping medication – now that’s definitely worth a shot!  Bring it on!

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