I bet not many of you have been kicked (really bloody hard might I add) in the stomach this morning?  All I was doing was changing her bum, but I think the fact it was her third nappy of the morning was the reason for her irritation – I should just let her sit in poop all day and see how she likes it!

What started out as a relatively calm (early) morning did escalate to me disliking Daisy very quickly.  All sorts of thoughts go through your head when your own child physically hurts you;   anger, hate, sadness, disappointment but above all PAIN, she kicks like a mule!

Dressing and medicating didn’t go quite so smoothly either this morning, far too many attempts,  a couple of near miss slaps (I move very quickly when I need to) and a drink, book and iPad hurled in my direction………ha ha, missed!   I managed to appease Daisy with some Quavers before her transport picked her up for school,  her mood softened and she forgot she didn’t like me anymore however I didn’t even attempt to brush her hair – I value my life too much,  she’d just have to rock the ‘just got out of bed’ look today.

Hippotherapy  to those of us not in the know, is the use of horses for physical, occupational, speech and language therapy (and not as Nick thought, is me saying Daisy was having therapy) Daisy is very lucky to have access to it through her school.  She had a session today. I didn’t need to read it in her school book to know,  as when she came home she constantly pointed to a horse in a book, clapping and smiling – see she’s not daft,  whilst quacking, oh ok  – maybe she is! plus she was covered in mud!  I’m really happy though as I believe Daisy is benefitting from this form of therapy so it’s nice that she has an activity that she can engage in, even if she can’t make a horse noise, a quack will do!   I’m yet to see any pictures and I’m guessing she can’t sit on a horse, the poor horse would get a hernia, but the fact that she came home in a much nicer mood than when she left for school is good enough for me and if Daisy is happy, we are all happy.

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