Today was a good day.  Daisy only woke twice in the night.  Ok, so we were downstairs just after 5am but that was due to the wood pigeon again.  BWP as I like to call him (bastard wood pigeon) has now reached the prestigious place of being top of my ‘who I’m going to kill with a gun when they become legal after Brexit’ list.  The list does worry me as it’s a very long list, very very long; Cardiff’s gene pool will diminish if I do get my hands on a little Kalashnikov so maybe it’s best if my list just stays in my head!

Daisy was a delight for the first two hours this morning, when I say delight what I really mean is she was compliant with nappy change, medication, dressing, breakfast and second nappy change.  After two hours she got a bit narky with me and did hit out and hiss like a snake a few times for no reason but nothing too troublesome – not too keen on having her hair plaited either so that was a bit of a rushed job whilst I sang my favourite “Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat is a big fat tw*t” – oh I do love to change the words, keeps me sane!  I don’t think the increase in her medication last night could have worked miracles quite so quickly so she must just be feeling nice and calm today which is just dandy.

Off to school she trot, no second glance for me.  I do feel sad when I see her sitting in the mini bus.  She has no expression she just looks blank, I wonder what she thinks, can she think?

I had a day off today (probably along with half the NHS as we have to use our leave up (use it or lose it) ) so to make me feel good about myself I watched Jeremy Kyle…….gosh the teeth on that show, the tracky bottoms!  A meeting at 2.30pm regarding respite for Daisy was hopefully a success (time will tell) so all-in-all like I said, today was a good day.

Chin chin, wine and ‘Housewives of Cheshire’ are calling!



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