Daisy has been silent today, happy(ish) but silent.  Her arms are mottled again and her hands are blue, ice cold with black knuckles……..I can’t tell you the anxiety this causes me, it makes me so sad to think she can’t tell me if she is in pain or uncomfortable.  She keeps clenching her fists which to me indicates some discomfort or pain but who knows?    Her consultant has prescribed a new medication which will start tomorrow so hopefully it will help but as with most treatments for Daisy it is a guessing game and again, I feel so bad that I am giving her another medication that may or may not help her or may give her nasty side effects which in turn I have no idea if she is getting them as she cannot communicate her feelings, it’s such an awful predicament but one I have to try.  Poor Roo, life’s so unfair.

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