My little Hulk

Again Daisy slept quite well and I do think the different formulation of her sleeping medicine is making a difference; she didn’t wake until 5am and believe me that’s bearable.  It’s bloody typical of Daisy’s impeccable timing though as her father is due home on Thursday for two weeks and I’d planned that he would spend some ‘quality’ time with his little girl……… at approximately 11pm, 1am, 2.30am and 4am every night!  Just my luck!

When she did wake this morning she was still silent.  No wiggling or jiggling to the Tweenies, no smiles, no claps, nothing.  If anyone could see (or hear) me in the morning they would think I was crackers as I converse with a child who couldn’t care less what I say as long as I feed, dress and change her.

There was a blip when I was dressing her for school, she decided the time wasn’t right and went into The Incredible Hulk guise, completely ripping off her vest, grrrarghhh – that was my response not hers, she’s so, so strong!  She also didn’t want a hair brushing session so out came the iPad, iPhone, Argos catalogue, Quavers and a very annoying musical Fifi and the Flowertops toy – distractions abound and taking my life in my hands, hair brushing was swift but successful, no one would notice the knots.

Medicating was semi-successful as long as you accept that I had to straddle her, armed with a Jammy Dodger in my mouth and then squirt the medicine in whilst letting her take JD from my mouth; anyone who saw me in work though would have noticed tell-tale medication splattered over my tunic as I didn’t have time to change after it ‘splashed back’ but I’m past the point of caring about my appearance in work, I guess that’s a slippery slope I’m going down, oh dear!

Work couldn’t come soon enough, I needed the respite.

Home from school, still silent, still no circulation in lower arms, hands are stone cold.  My little pet managed to eat a rather large chicken dinner though and loved every morsel (apart from the secret medication laced spoonful of peas)……….mmmm Mummy’s cooking!

Bath, she loved it and actually gave me a little hum of Eastenders theme tune, Jacuzzi prompted a rendition of Jingle Bells.

Desperate for bed she didn’t take much rocking, I hope she has a comfortable and sweet dreamed night.