Twitter Troll

Well I don’t really have much to write tonight as Daisy was causing grief in respite last night (and this morning) so I’ve only had the pleasure of her company since 3.45pm. I have to say though she seems nice and calm and happy to be home. I’ve had a couple of ‘wheeee’s and ‘LaLa’s” so she’s even found her voice a little. All chores have gone to plan, she ate all her tea, enjoyed her bath, let me oil and brush/plait her hair and is now ready for her evening medication and snoozes.

So, I’ll use tonights post to address the lovely kind thoughtful lady who direct messaged me on Twitter,  correctly telling me that I don’t deserve such a special child and that I will go to Hell! Crickey Moses! Hell!

Dear Lovely Kindhearted Lady,

Please, please message me again. I will supply you with one weeks clothing, nappies, food and medication, all the toys you could wish for and one delightful little Daisy. Any funding you require can also be arranged. You can collect Daisy – actually I’ll drop her to you – at 6am on Monday morning (start of school holidays). You sound amazing and I’m sooo looking forward to meeting you.  

Unfortunately, I’m also pretty confident you’ll  be begging me within a day (or if she’s in a good mood, a day and a half) to take her back. I do however still think it’s an excellent idea for you to be the mother Daisy deserves and give it a go! So, like I say, please contact me again, I’ll unblock you!

Here’s hoping

Annie x

Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Twitter Troll

  1. This infuriates me! Who does she think she is?! Anyone who knows you will know that Daisy could not want for a better mum! I’ve looked after Daisy and know that it can be very hard work and draining even just for a short term. The way you live your life looking after Daisy day in day out is amazing! x

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  2. I would love for this ‘kind hearted’ lady to spend a few hours with Daisy too!! Having worked closely with Daisy for a few years, inside and outside of school, I know only too well, how difficult it can be to appease her on times due to Daisy communication difficulties, its a guessing game at time! HoweverI truly loved every minute of working with her. Having worked with Special Needs children for years, I can honestly say, I have never, ever met another like Daisy. She is wonderfully unique and wonderfully loveable..when you can get close to her . Annie, don’t ever listen to mindless peoples comment who wouldnto have the foggiest idea how to cope with what you do on a daily basession. No one could ever better mother than you are to Daisy.. xxxx

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  3. Well I don’t know what this lady said but I know ANNIE and I know Daisy, Daisy could not wish for a better mother than ANNIE, may I suggest that you contact ANNIE again and spend the day with her and Daisy so that you can see for yourself the difficulties that they overcome together.

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