Coffee and Sunshine

Yesterday Daisy was an angel.  Compliant, happy, calm.

Taking advantage of her mood and the sunshine we armed ourselves with supplies of crisps, biscuits, her drink, spare nappy, spare leggings, wipes, iPad, iPod, a book and her Fimbles and ventured out to share her with the world (well Cardiff Bay to be precise) and the inevitable staring eyes. She sat like a princess in her wheelchair, Nick did the pushing (and moaning) as she is heavy to manoeuver around crowds, he removed her dummy as soon as she was on parade, it really bothers him that she uses one and I agree it does look ridiculous, but he doesn’t manage her 24/7 like I do and it is her comfort and  is great to dangle in her face a bit like a ‘carrot in front of a donkey’ if you need to get her to move.

We have become pretty immune to the stares and giggles that always accompany a walk with Roo.  We do get the sympathetic ‘head to the side’ looks as well but not as many as the ignorant glares.  Many a time have I ‘lost it’ with people but nowadays I have to accept that Daisy is not a normal member of society and that however unfortunate it is, we do not fit in this ‘normal’ world.

We couldn’t stop at our usual Starbucks…………..other coffee shops are available, as it was standing room only and that is not an option for us; we need military planning – tables need to be strategically placed in a corner so that Daisy can be trapped, chairs are used as a blocking tool, distractions are offered to our princess, we can’t sit where she can grab at people…… of her favourite pastimes, all cups are placed on the floor as you never know when a kick to the underside of the table will ensure your cup of coffee will be dripping into your handbag; so, as there was no room, we continued on our loop of the Bay and returned to the car as thirsty as when we left it.

Some years ago, again at Starbucks, again on a busy sunny day, I foolishly asked two young lads if I could join their table as it was the only one with a spare seat…….Nick could stand I thought!  Anyhow, they ‘sort of’ nodded in a ‘are you taking the piss’ sort of way, so I sat anyway, I needed coffee.  I was a little aware that groups of youngsters were staring and assumed it was at Daisy as it always is.  Nick arrived with the coffees, Daisy was in her wheelchair, Nick placed freshly brewed coffee onto table, Daisy kicked table, iPhone of the ‘rather blinged up’ guy became a victim as did his VERY white and gold Versace kicks (cool aren’t I?).  Of course, I got the blame from Nick.  Always my fault.  Why did I put my coffee on the table? Why did I sit Daisy so close to the table?……..where was I supposed to put her in the high street?’. Why, and this is crucial, did I choose to sit next to TWO premier league football stars?  Well, hows a girl to know?

Nick did offer to pay for the phone but thankfully blinged up guy just wanted to leave, and leave quickly he did, signing autographs as he left with his grubby shoes!……..ah well, he earned plenty of money and coffee only stains a bit!

I learnt some valuable lessons that day, the most important being that I should never assume everyone is staring at Daisy, they are not………there could be a famous football player (or Hollywood megastar…..story to follow when suitable) sitting in the wings.

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