Honey, I cured the kid!

Apparently, hay fever affects 25% of the population, so it stands to reason that Daisy decides to be one of the percentage!

She started suffering about 5 years ago…….first year,  just your usual itchy eyes and sneezing but jeez, by year two she really did suffer bless her.  So, Daisy being Daisy (and also being as daft as a box of frogs)  didn’t just rub her eyes when they itched she actually stuck her finger in her eye sockets and rubbed from the inside!  It was absolutely horrific to witness but we all know what its like once you start rubbing an itch, you just can’t stop, and Daisy was no exception to that rule.

Every anti-histamine was tried but none were a match for her index finger!

So, two years ago I thought I’d try local honey as I’d read it can de-sensitize the body to local pollen………..crazy lady I hear you say, and believe you me I’m the worlds number one sceptic, but what harm could it do to try it.  £6.50 later (better be bloody worth it) I started my daily practice of giving Daisy one tablespoon of the ridiculously messy gloop onto bread every morning……..it was great ‘cos I could even use it as a medication trap (her anti epilepsy sprinkles couldn’t escape the honey).  I’ll cut to the chase, it actually worked, really, no joke…….ok, so she still had one hay fever tablet occasionally – disguised in an Oreo, but yes, it actually worked.  I only had to rely on the antihistamine if she went ‘out of town’, those bee’s must really be homies!

Daisy started her new course this week, it will continue until roughly the end of June.

So, take it from me, if you have a child who thinks scratching their eye from the inside is a good idea, try local honey…..if it doesn’t work, stick it on your parsnips, if it does, thank me later!

p.s. don’t give to babies under 12 months……..not a good idea.

One thought on “Honey, I cured the kid!

  1. Glad you found something to help Daisy,and in turn make your life a bit easier.Your doing a great job looking after a very lovely girl ,with just a few problems,to say the least.


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