Wink wink!

Husband back in Africa.

Son back in Birmingham.

Just me and madam now.

Daisy doesn’t like me today……..she’s not in the best of moods.  It’s been a very long day, 4.45am was the start, now she’s drugged so I’m hitting the remainder of a bottle of Prosecco.

I’m unsure if it’s PMT she is suffering or the effects of glue!  You see, yesterday, as it was my hubby’s last day with me for a while, I thought I’d make an effort and glam up a bit.  So, out came the falsies…….no, not breasts, lashes!  I added the glue in a nice straight line and waited the 20 seconds as instructed on the package, damn that instruction!  Daisy saw her window of opportunity as the lashes sat on the dressing table and assuming everything is edible down the hatch they went.   What to do?  Would they stick to the insides of her throat and act like ‘car wash brushes’ as her food went down?  Surely not?  I tried to prize her mouth open but realised this was a bad mistake as she tried to remove my finger with her VERY sharp teeth.  I looked on the package (seriously, I actually looked) to see if it said anything about swallowing lashes, strangely, it didn’t – this needs to be addressed by the manufacturer in my opinion.  So, I googled ‘swallowing eyelash glue’ and its amazing how many dogs have swallowed it!……….Anyhow, assuming Daisy would have the same effect as a puppy , I think she’s going to live…….They have not re-appeared yet, I just hope they don’t get stuck at the exit point, that would be weird looking, eww!


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