Oh my Giddy Aunt!

Can you get bird flu from handling a dead bird…….. in your mouth?  Just throwing that question out there.

Today, had been a really good day,  that is until a bird crashed into my kitchen window (annoyingly,  I have just paid an extortionate £25 to have cleaned).  Sadly the bird died.  This is a regular occurrence (must be those clean windows!).  I think this is bird number four to have perished due to my shiny panes, anyhow, less of the showing off, I shouldn’t be proud to be a bird killer!  In the past, I have had husband home to pick up and dispose of birdies or I have called upon neighbours, today I needed neither.

I studied the bird for at least 5 minutes through the glass until I was sure it was dead (feet pointing skyward was a bit of a giveaway but in the past I have screamed like a banshee when they come back to life just before imminent disposal).  I decided my best course of action was to ask my neighbour John to remove it from my patio when he was free, he’d love to be the hero.

Over to John’s I popped.  Daisy was sitting on the kitchen sofa.  John wasn’t in.  Daisy was not on the sofa when I returned.

Daisy was pushing her red bubble car around the garden……..nothing unusual in that, she loves that car, has never fitted in it but loves to circuit the garden endlessly by pushing it around and around and around; what was unusual was the black mass hanging out of her mouth.  Oh my giddy aunt!

I should have known not to leave the bird uncovered.  A similar incident happened years ago when she actually had most of a baby bird in her mouth (that was still half alive)  this time I felt luckier …….. not only was the bird dead, but it was too big to chomp on so removal was quite easy.  She was a little reluctant to hand him over at first but I offered a swap for two dummy’s and feeling sick, took it out of her mouth, (bloody hell it was still warm), she couldn’t resist those dummy’s.

I still feel shaken up……medicinally I have had to have several glasses of wine so excuse my grammar.  Daisy has been scrubbed, the bird is in the dog poo bin over the road and I am still in shock.  So, like I said at the beginning………can you get bird flu from handling a dead bird – in your mouth?  Lets hope not!

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