‘Controversial’ Klaxon

Its 4.10am on Thursday morning and I’m sitting downstairs feeling a bit a bit shit!

Daisy has woken so many times in the night I am unsure how many times I actually got up……….she was clearly very uncomfortable and couldn’t settle herself  (Ibuprofen and paracetamol were no comfort) so at 4am I gave up and brought her downstairs.

It’s too early for breakfast and even CBeebies hasn’t started yet so one her many saved programmes on the planner goes on – In the Night Garden seems to have put a smile on her face.

Reason for the discomfort, you guessed it, period!  I shouldn’t really go into my rant as this will probably alarm many, disgust some and down right offend others but as I’m very tired I will.  Daisy will NEVER have a relationship. Daisy will NEVER have sex.  Daisy does not need to suffer the pain and discomfort of periods every month for the next 40 years as she will NEVER have a baby.  Daisy wears nappies for goodness sake and therefore not meaning to sound selfish, its not pleasant or dignified dealing with the aspect of changing her.  So my question is this, why can’t she have a hysterectomy?  The reason, apparently is that she DOES have the right to have a baby and I would be taking that right away from her!  As awful as this is going to sound lets be clear, the only way Daisy could ever get pregnant is if she was raped!

Now, I’m all for disabled peoples rights and would be the first to support any law that affected those rights but in this case surely the law should look at individuals and not the disabled female community as a whole.  Every case should be taken on its own merit.  I don’t have some master plan of whipping out the wombs of every disabled woman who walks the planet, I just want to comfort Daisy.  Some have said to me that allowing Daisy to have such drastic surgery is incredibly cruel, selfish on my part and unnecessary but I wholeheartedly disagree.  I’ve looked fully and thoroughly into all the options and a hysterectomy would be the right choice for us.  Daisy suffers from seizures; some of those seizures are linked to her periods.  Seizures could kill her one day, so apart from the monthly suffering, to me this is an extra added risk, a risk that could be removed.

This is a sore subject that Doctors cannot agree on and seem very uneasy discussing……….what kind of mother would choose to do this to her daughter?  A good mother or a bad mother?  I truly believe a good mother who only wants her daughter to have the most comfortable, pain free, happy life she can give her.  I don’t know if my views are shared, I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion, but all I know is that I would never ever do anything to Daisy if I didn’t believe it was in her best interests.  Daisy is my priority, I will do what it takes to help her………at all costs.

Watch this space!

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