Happy Days

We have had a few good days this week which is a rarity I know. Daisy had a positive experience at Touch Trust on Saturday (a sensory session that focuses on touch and positive feelings). I was apprehensive before the session as not only did I think it would be a complete waste of money but also Daisy had proper ‘kicked off’ in Costa Coffee en route, targeting the only two couples quietly enjoying their drinks, so we (Harvey was my second pair of hands) were convinced she would continue with her destructive, angry mood – we were wrong. She sat in the dedicated Touch Trust room which had a hippyish almost Ottoman tent vibe and waited patiently. Daisy has a strange obsession with pipes in ceilings, odd I know, so immediately spotted them and happily for the first ten minutes pointed and pointed and pointed whilst we had to keep repeating “ooh, yeh”.

The session began. Sensibly I chose to sit on the opposite side of the room to Daisy, Harvey drew the short straw and was perched next to her on a sofa. It began with an introduction and we each in turn had to clap each other as a welcome. There were six of us in total. Daisy, me, Harvey, the therapist a young man and his carer. Daisy loves to clap and doesn’t understand ‘taking turns’ so happily clapped……a lot!

A bit of weirdness followed, we had to remove negativity from our bodies by almost brushing it out with our hands…Harvey had to remove Daisy’s (she would need a heck of a lot of ‘brushing’ but he went along with it). He held his hands close to her skin and ‘whooshed’ all negativity away, I couldn’t look at him, I’m so immature at times. Daisy sat quite happily as all her demons were exiting her body, I smirked at Harvey. Harvey was the sensible adult and ignored me.

Next – choose a musical instrument. The young man chose some cymbals, noisy cymbals, but he was loving the clanking they made, we clapped, a lot.  Daisy’s turn. She doesn’t understand the concept of choosing or playing an instrument. Harvey chose a shaky bell thing, he shook it for Daisy, we clapped, a lot.

Next Elton John – not in person, now that would’ve been something, no, a rendition of ‘I remember when rock was young’. Daisy didn’t get up to dance but was smiling and jigging on the sofa. Thinking I could just sit and enjoy the show, I was then encouraged to dance to try to entice Daisy to her feet, I threw some shapes on my imaginary dance floor but Daisy remained on the sofa, clapping. Harvey’s turn to smirk.

The session ended with the lights dimming and some soft music. Daisy was still clapping whilst the therapist seemed to be meditating, I was grinning, Daisy was now ‘yum yumming’, loudly! More clapping. The hour ended and both myself and Harvey felt that it was money well spent. Strange, but a success. If Daisy can remain in a room without escaping, pushing, pinching, hitting or grabbing someone for a whole hour it’s a success. We will return.

On Sunday Daisy behaved herself whilst out with two carers for a few hours. The previous week she was returned after less than an hour because she had hit a pregnant woman who was having a nice stroll with her family. I found myself apologizing for her behavior to the carers as I always do. The lesson to be learnt is to think of possible incidents before they happen then maybe they won’t happen.

Sunday afternoon, the car. I took my usual route which has a benefit of  Starbucks drive through so it’s a win win situation as Daisy will happily moo, quack and grunt at all forms of wildlife on her car journeys and I get my triple shot caffeine hit.

Daisy is now at Ty Hafan (children’s hospice) for respite for a few days. The reports so far are promising, she’s being a diva so must be enjoying herself. My anxiety due to guilt has waned. My house is clean, washing is up to date, all internet purchases are being delivered to the Esso garage so hubby won’t see them and so here I am catching up with all the reality sh*t tv that I love, Love Island, Ex on the beach, Big Brother……..drinking plenty of wine, eating too much chocolate and basically doing very little. I know this period of my type of heaven won’t last too long but for now I’m enjoying not having to do much, hubby is home tomorrow so my only job before I go to bed is to bury all the empty wine bottles in the bottom of the recycling bin.

Glass is empty, time for a top up.

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